StarWars Actor Carrie Fisher

Acree Creative was given the assignment of creating a one-of-a-kind memorial to StarWars actor Carrie Fisher for placement at the world-famous TCL Chinese Theatre.

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Project Overview

One of our many projects for client TCL Chinese Theatre— is a concept and design of a permanent memorial honoring StarWars actor Carrie Fisher. To signify Fisher’s importance to the theatre, a granite plaque was placed next to her hand and footprints on the forecourt of the world-famous theatre. Acree Creative also produced all of the signage for the public ceremony featuring Carrie’s brother, Todd Fisher. (Photo below: Publicist Jerry Digney, Todd Fisher, and Dan Acree at the event.)

Marketing & Communications Assets by Acree Creative

Project Info


TCL Chinese Theatre


Hollywood, California

Project Date

April 2018


Plaque Design, Supporting Signage, Social Media Assets

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