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Acree Creative has managed marketing, promotion and publicity for Bentley Price Associates for over a decade. They asked us to help them create a PR campaign that would support their nearly 50 years in the hospitality and gaming industry.

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"Best of The Best" Recognition Program

If you are one of the leading service and consulting firms in the business, you might think “Who needs the publicity?” Dennis P. Rizzo, President and CEO of Bentley Price Associates, Inc. (BPA) knows being at the top requires you to do all that is necessary to stay there. Acree Creative has been guiding BPA’s marketing efforts for over a decade. We even built two websites for them. When Mr. Rizzo asked us to come up with a way to recognize the best executives in his business, we came up with Bentley Price Associates “Best of The Best.”

Marketing & Communications Projects

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Dennis P. Rizzo

Bentley Price Associates, Inc.



Santa Ynez, California


Executive Recruiting in the International Hospitality and Casino Gaming Sector.

Your Event is Special. Make Sure It Looks Special.

Acree Creative was the creative force behind the 30th Anniversary event of Bentley Price Associates in 2006.
Our first special event project for Bentley Price Associates was in 2006 for the biggest names in the casino gaming industry. Larry King was the Celebrity Toastmaster.
Acree Creative designed and produced the 40th Anniversary event for Bentley Price Associates
10 years later, Bentley Price Associates asked us to create that same kind of style for their 40th Anniversary event on the client's sprawling ranch in Santa Ynez, California.