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Everything is changing.
What worked yesterday isn't going to work today.


Over my five-plus decades in the media I saw television emerge, become dominate and consolidate; radio expand, diversify and shrink; newspapers dominate and disappear.

Few of us in the industry could imagine today’s media landscape. Streaming televison, satellite-delivered radio, digital publications, and this thing called social media.

Some Things Never Change

How information is delivered is constantly evolving.

What hasn’t changed are the planning, content creation, and dissemination to get exposure.

The number of mass media outlets has declined. That means distributing your company or organization’s news and information has to go wider, with better focus and more customization for each of those channels.

Content Is King

I’m not the first to say it. It is one of those “Things I Know To Be True.”

Well written news releases and feature stories offered for reposting will give you more reach over time.

The Content Marketing Institute defines the marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience—to drive profitable customer action.

This means that content requires two dynamics: (1) Content that is both relevant and interesting, (2) Disseminating or channelizing it.

A Broader Reach

Content marketing can be described as a broader approach that paves the path for a business. With the help of quality content, the audience understands a brand, knows about its products and services, and gets interested in it.

Content marketing helps expose your business for its audience to know it and generates effective brand promotion for it.

Content marketing: An impressive tool for business

A lot of buzz has gathered around the definition of content. And it seems to stop nowhere. So, what exactly does content do?

Content is becoming the most robust yet candid part of the global marketing industry and offering education and information to customers.

Content marketing is a tool for marketers to acquire new audiences and pitch products/services in the digital world, manage brand reputations, grow engagement, etc.

From smartphones to tablets and desktops, users can access your targeted content almost everywhere. ♦

Acree Creative creates meaningful, targeted content that gives the reader more than a sales pitch. When done right, it offers an education on the product or service industry as well as your company’s own products and services.


We Deliver Style and Substance

When developing a marketing plan find ways to deliver your brand outside of traditional advertsing.


Share company news that reminds the public you are engaged as a member of the community by publicizing chariatable programs. Acree Creative designed a program for Freedom Warranty, a provider of vehicle service contracts throuigh dealerships to used vehicle buyers. The company gives employees hours that can be donated to working with local charitable organizations. Those good works are the subject of news releases and blog posts on the company's various websites.

Freedom Warranty is a Chattanooga-based company that give employees "donatable" work hours to participate in local projects.

For nearly fifty years, Bentley Price Associates, Inc. has been a top-tier player as an executive recruiter in the hospitality and casino gaming sector. Dennis Rizzo, CEO/President and founder of the legendary firm asked Acree Creative to build an industry-wide program to recognize key executives. The Bentley Price Associates' "Best of The Best" has been a huge success. A key factor is the opportunity to spotlight those who are established and many who are up-and-coming without being outwardly self-serving.

Bentley Price Associates' "Best of The Best" Award