August 23, 2016

Social Media

Social Media as a Marketing Channel has Never Been More Complex or More Important

Are you using Social Media strategically?

80-percent of all businesses fail to maximize the power of Social Media. With all of the talk about the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others, few really understand it and many undervalue it as a part of their marketing plan.

Social Media should be a significant part of your marketing strategy.

For the average business, Social Media is always being talked about and rarely being used properly. The best analogy is the old-school newsletter. If we are being honest, most companies have tried a newsletter. Even for those that actually published more than one, or two, issues —the intent, quality, and power of that communications tool declines. Is that because it was a bad idea? Not at all.

Content is King.

It has always been true, but today, more so than ever, content is king. Anything that does not bring value to the reader will be ignored. And why waste the time and effort on running a Social Media program that does not get the job done?

A solid, strategic, Social Media program is critical. It's not everything, just one, very important, thing that should be a serious part of your marketing.

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