April 1, 2017

Publication Design

Strong Publication Design creates projects that get noticed and read.

Understanding how to combine words, artwork, and photos is still a job for experienced, talented, art directors and graphic designers.

Dan Acree is an old-school designer and proud of it. His print and online designs have won national awards and his body of work includes 18 issues over 4 years of a popular lifestyle magazine published in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Importantly, Dan has a deep background in content writing and public relations. He not only adds color and style to the design, but brings his communications skills to powerful headlines and body copy, allowing him to actually improve content during the layout phase.

His experience working with major sheet-fed and web press production facilities means his final production art is a pleasure for commercial printers to run; this is no small thing when it comes to keeping budgets in line and getting the best possible look and feel of the final project.

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